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Finished Projects

Here are all of my finished maps available for download. NEED DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS?


Take on some dirty pirate scum on their home turf. Reclaim the gold that was stolen and return it to it's rightful heir. This is a BETATEST version and is very far from a finished product. Comments and criticism are welcome. Send them to my email. A nifty treasure map is included in the zip file so you don't get lost.



Nine small deathmatch maps optimized for downloading from servers. The largest of the maps is only 84kb. Get ready to die a lot.



Eliminate the competition in this fast-paced train deathmatch. Travel through, on top of, and on the side of the rail cars in order to kill your foes, but watch your step. Limited lives recommended. No official objective to complete. This map won't be winning any beauty contests, but you'll be too preoccupied to care.


 --CONTRA BASE-- download

Pure nostalgia for fans of the classic shooter from Konami. A small dual objective map where both teams must destroy three targets at their opponent's base using standard weaponry. Music from the second Contra level is included.


 --WOLFLAB SERIES PACK 1-- download

Highly stylized combat arenas with abstract and dynamic shapes. Primarily custom textures used. Inspirations drawn from Guggenheim museum, Einstein tower, and 50's era visions of the future. Many special items such as teleports and jump pads. All three of the maps have a reoccurring spawn location for each team. Here you will be able to see the team's objective written on the wall without having to check the limbo menu. Also, each spawn area has a "training room" so newcomers can familiarize themselves with the wolflab tricks and traps. MAP COMMENTARY


--AXIS RAILWAY TE-- download

Moderately Goldeneye-inspired. Relatively small map with one primary and one secondary objective for the allies to complete. MAP COMMENTARY


--THE BAD CLAN PUB TE-- download

A tribute to the 1.33 clan server. The Axis must infiltrate the Pub and steal the secret documents. Very large map. MAP COMMENTARY


--THE CHAMBERS TE-- download

Both teams must fight their way through the ancient temple while avoiding the many hazards that it contains. At the bottom are two obelisks. The first team to bring their respective obelisk to the top wins the round. MAP COMMENTARY


--SHIPMENT-- download

My first true map. A very small manmade island with a lighthouse. The allies must complete three objectives, including blowing the top off of that lighthouse. MAP COMMENTARY